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Sri Lankan spices

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There are lots of places you can buy spices But Did you know that There are multiple grades and types of qualities you should concern before buying quality spices? Yes, It’s confusing but you don’t have to worry. Here at Chagrow we only export the best and premium Spices from Sri Lanka.

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History of Cinnamon in Sri Lanka

It is clear from historical information that spices and Sri Lanka have been two names that have been closely associated throughout a long history. It may not be an exaggeration to say that the scent of cinnamon wafted with the wind blowing from Sri Lanka while the naval vessels sailing to Sri Lanka were miles off the coast.

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Chagrow Exporters Sri Lanka

Building Trust for over 10 Years

Chagrow is a Sri Lankan Spice Exporting company. We have been pioneering spice industry for over 10 years. Satisfying customers with premium quality authentic Ceylon spices wholesale and retail. After all, we grow our spices in the beautiful costal region of Galle, Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lankan spices

Sri Lankan Premium Cinnamon

As one of the first traded spices in the world, Cinnamon holds a strong position when it comes to the world of spices. Cinnamon comes in two types, namely, Ceylon Cinnamon and Cassia Cinnamon. The cinnamon that hails from Sri Lanka maintains a strong reputation in the world market due to the unique chemical properties it possesses when compared to other varieties.

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I’m totally happy with your products and qualities. Excellent service. Thank you!

Kirstin Everton

Thank you so much for sending me the premium quality products. Excellent packaging and worth the price!

Mike Lloyd

Good quality and fast shipping. Highly recommended! Thank you ****.

Andy Guscott

Really good products for an affordable price and love the customer service. Thank you! 10/10

Jane Bit

The aroma of the cinnamon was amazing. High quality products. There was no delay on the customer support. Overall, perfect service.

Loyd Washington

I ordered cinnamon 10 Kg and i never knew cinnamon has som many qualities. These smell and taste amazing compared to the ones i have been using before..

Brigit Guscott